Invest in real estate, get an EU Passport
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Real Estate Investment

Our Government approved Immigration Real Estate Investment Program allows you and your family to obtain Permanent Residency in Bulgaria, an EU country.

Speed and certainty - unlike some Immigration Programs you don’t have to wait a year or two to find out that your application has not been successful and you will have lost at least $30,000 in legal fees . In fact, in partnership with the Government authorized financial institutions that we work alongside you will obtain your Permanent Residency in approximately four to six months; then after a five year period you will be eligible for EU citizenship and a passport.

Security over funds - just as importantly you “control” the funds needed for the application right throughout the whole process. This means you are in control and you have 100% peace of mind that your money is safe. Just to repeat: we do not take your money; your money does not go to a third party. Your money stays in your bank account. We make the application on your behalf and we use our skills and contacts to aid and assist you.

Please see our guarantees.

No residency requirement – the unique feature of our Program is that you do not need at any point to reside in Bulgaria to qualify.

Real estate NOT bonds - Real estate is a far more secure and smarter investment than buying Government Bonds. The apartments will be registered in your name  and you will earn income from day one and you are free to sell the properties in the future at a profit. In other words, this is a solid, tangible investment earning you money from day one.

Bonds on the other hand are high risk. You are buying Government debt and in order to buy the bonds you need to take on Bank Borrowing. This bank borrowing will cost you in the region of €180,000 which you will never get back. You also need to understand your exposure to currency risk. Bonds are a niche investment and unless you have expertise we would not advise this investment.

Who is our Immigration Program aimed at?

Our Immigration Real Estate Program is aimed at investors. If you invest circa €300,000 into Bulgaria via our Government approved Investment Program then you and your family (spouse and children) will qualify.

There is no need to reside in the country.

Moreover when you get permanent residency you do not need to renew it annually; it will last indefinitely. With other programs what you get is an annual license to remain which is not the same thing.

Please read our guarantees: your money, at all times, stays under your control. You have 100% peace of mind.

Real Estate

What will you invest in?

We handpick a real estate portfolio for you that has been built and finished to a luxury specification. Most of the properties we offer are newly built readily available to reside in as well as be rented out immediately. We choose only locations that offer the best prospects in terms of rental and capital growth as well as swift resale potential. With our teams’ global property success across 25 different markets, we are equipped with the knowledge to ensure the properties we offer represent the best available option.

As an investment property in Bulgaria offer the following advantages:

  • Amongst the cheapest prices in Europe and 40% down on peak prices 2 years ago
  • Excellent hedge against inflation
  • Attractive tax advantages
  • An investment you own and control and can use
  • Having a home in Bulgaria helps with the application for citizenship
  • Guaranteed rental return meaning your investment works for you
  • Reclaim vat on your investment
  • No running costs
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Real Estate Investment

Our Government approved Immigration Real Estate Investment Program allows you and your family to obtain Permanent Residency in Bulgaria, an EU country.  read more

What makes our Immigration Program unique

No residency requirement - there is no obligation for you to reside in Bulgaria at any time. Security over funds, real estate - not BONDS.  read more

Key advantages over other Immigration Programs

Obtaining an European Permanent Residents Permit has many advantages but we make it simple, fast and secure.  read more


Our mission is to give you total confidence and security over your investment and to obtain Permanent Residency within the timescales set.  read more
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